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Unfortunately, when times get tough, people will look to take advantage when they can. Here are ten tips to help you avoid becoming a scam victim.

  1. Follow your company’s IT policies first and foremost!
  2. The IRS does NOT contact you via email or a phone call.
  3. State Revenue agents also do not call you or contact you by email or a phone call.
  4. Do not allow someone to enter your home, claiming to test you for Coronavirus. Watch and listen to your local state governments for these notices.
  5. Do not be fooled by someone requesting money from you as your grandchild who is sick or in quarantine.
  6. Do not answer robocalls and do not press any numbers.
  7. If someone calls you and asks you to “verify who you are” by asking you to confirm your address/social security number, username and/or PASSWORD ask for their number, hang up, and call back. Your credit card, bank debit card, mortgage, brokerage accounts are credible creditors at this time and they all have a phone number on either the cards or statements you receive from them to call them back.
  8. Do not open emails and select links, such as Coronavirus, from persons/companies you don’t know. If you want official information contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or the World Health Organization directly.
  9. Do not open attachments from people you don’t know. In addition, scammers are “spoofing” senders to be names you may know. If you hover your cursor over the “senders name” in the email you received, it should tell you their actual email, WITHOUT clicking on the email message.
  10. Finally, no one from our office will call you to ask your social security number or to file your tax return without the proper e-file authorization forms, which you will receive from us directly in the mail or via your portal. If you are a new client to us, we will have this information provided by a copy of your prior year’s tax return.

If you have any questions about this information or believe you may have been a victim of a scam, please contact us.

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